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The collection and historical notes describe the museum’s collection and explain Queensland’s rail heritage. They’ve generally been written at high school level and are guides to finding further information in the historical sources.

Archival Material

The Museum also has a small archival collection (newspaper clippings, journal articles, etc.) which is slowly being digitised. Most documents have been scanned, often from photocopies, thus quality varies. Files are generally in pdf format with quite large file sizes for longer documents.

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The Technical Books, General Books and Rules and Timetables are normally available for viewing at the Museum, although advance notice may be required. Items on the Exhibit Catalogue may be on current display or have been rotated into storage. Check before visiting if you want to see something specific.

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Historical Collection Information

Illustrated notes on selected items in the collection
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Archer ParkStationcarriage shademannequinsmiscellaneous artefacts
Motive Power: Restored Purrey Steam TramC17 steam locomotive, English Electric 1614 diesel, Citra Billard Locotractor, section cars.
CarriagesQR 434 General Manager’s Car, QR 1007 Sleeping Car.

Historical Notes: Brief illustrated handouts on Central Queensland’s rail heritage

Rockhampton’s Tram System (2 pages)
– Archer Park Railway Station, Rockhampton (2 pages)
– Railway Pioneering: ‘My 58 Years as a railway man’ by William Morrow
– Rockhampton’s Ports (2 pages)
– Emu Park/Yeppoon Railway (1 page)
– Alton Downs/Ridgelands Branch (1 page)
– Great Northern Line (Central Railway) to Westwood (2 pages)
– Mount Morgan and the Station Precinct (2 pages)
– Mount Morgan’s Razorback (rack railway, 2 pages)
– Sugar in Central Queensland (2 pages)

Published Articles (listed in order of date of publication)

Official Launch of the Purrey Steam Tram 5 June 1909. The Morning Bulletin, 7 June 1909
Queensland Railways (1937). Index to Station Names from the Timetable, 23 May 1937 (Very large, 3.9 Mb, pdf file).
Armstrong, John (1963). The BB 18 1/4-Class Locomotives of Queensland Railways, ARHS Bulletin, 310: August.
Knowles, JW (1965). One Hundred Years of Railways in Queensland, ARHS Bulletin 338: December
McCarthy, Ken (1972). Rockhampton — Revisited, Trolley Wire, 140: June
Knowles, JW (1974). Provincial Suburban Trains on the Queensland Railways, ARHS Bulletin 439: May
Knowles, JW (1974). The Rockhampton City Tramways, ARHS Bulletin, 440: June
Knowles, JW (1974). The Rockhampton City Tramways (cont), ARHS Bulletin, 442: August
Knowles, JW (1974). The Rockhampton City Tramways (cont), ARHS Bulletin, 443: September
Knowles, JW (1976). The Rockhampton City Tramways (corrections and additions), ARHS Bulletin, 468: October
Armstrong, John (1981). The B15 Class Goods Locomotives (Queensland Railways), ARHS Bulletin, 527: September.
Short, CC (Ed) (1981). Here and There: Queensland, supplement to ARHS Bulletin, 527, September.
McCarthy, K (1984). Rockhampton Tramways – 75 years of Council transport, Trolley Wire, 212: June
Milne, Rod (1988). The Alton Downs Branch, ARHS Bulletin, 604: February
TOMM (1988). Purrey Steam Tram, The Olde Machinery Mart, 16: April
McCarthy, K (1988). Triumph in the North – The recommissioning of the Rockhampton Purrey Steam Car, Trolley Wire, 234: August
QR Corporate Affairs and Marketing (nd, c 2009?), A History of Queensland Rail from 1866 (8 pages)
Old Glory (2009). Rockhampton Purrey steam tram centenary, Old Glory, August

Tram Restoration Clippings

Colourful Chapter from Age of Steam: Council to build tram model, Puffing billies carried everyone, & Veterans recall exciting times. The Morning Bulletin, 6 April 1984
Three killed in 1913 tram crash tragedy. The Morning Bulletin, 7 April 1984
Mayor seeks support to restore steam tram. The Morning Bulletin, 25 September 1984
CEB: Back to the Age of Steam – CEB helps with Purrey tram project, and Bicentennial Authority Thanks Board, The Enlightener, c 1986.
You Can Still Help the Purrey Project. The Morning Bulletin, c 1987
Maryborough firm gives new heart to transport veteran of Queensland. Maryborough-Hervey Bay Chronicle, 18 July 1987
Duthie, Les (1997). Reiteration (Letter to Editor), The Morning Bulletin, 18 October

Unpublished Papers

Steam Trams (nd). Building and disposition details
Brookfield, Mervyn S (nd). Remembering an Early Excursion Trip to Emu Park in the Early 1940’s [sic], Rockhampton, 6 pp including dates sections opened for traffic and nomenclature of CQ Railway Stations between Rockhampton and Emu Park.
Kennedy, Michael (1994). Archer Park Railway Station [Conservation Plan], Robert Riddel Architect, 18 May

Social History Transcripts: A series of interviews with ex-railway workers describing their railway life and times

Drifter Paranormal

examines the paranormal spirits found in Archer Park Station, © 2017: video (26.3Mb, downloads in new window, mp4 format).