Tram Restoration Clippings

April 15, 2019

Colourful Chapter from Age of Steam: Council to build tram model, Puffing billies carried everyone, & Veterans recall exciting times. The Morning Bulletin, 6 April 1984
Three killed in 1913 tram crash tragedy. The Morning Bulletin, 7 April 1984
Mayor seeks support to restore steam tram. The Morning Bulletin, 25 September 1984
CEB: Back to the Age of Steam – CEB helps with Purrey tram project, and Bicentennial Authority Thanks Board, The Enlightener, c 1986.
You Can Still Help the Purrey Project. The Morning Bulletin, c 1987
Maryborough firm gives new heart to transport veteran of Queensland. Maryborough-Hervey Bay Chronicle, 18 July 1987
Duthie, Les (1997). Reiteration (Letter to Editor), The Morning Bulletin, 18 October